Sam Bowring: Professor
Ph.D. University of Kansas 1985

Phone: (617) 253-3775 Fax: (617) 253-6735 Email:
Research Interests: Calibrating the rates of biologic evolution. Constraining the early history of the earth. The use of U-Pb systematics in accessory minerals to understand the thermal history of orogenic belts. Investigating the isotopic composition of Pb, Sr, and U in natural waters, including the Sr isotopic composition of seawater over the last 40,000 years. The isotope geochemistry of Pb, Sr, and U in waters and soils to monitor the effects of acid rain. Understanding the development of early Proterozoic orogenic belts and the evolution of Archean greenstone belts.

Recent Publications
Bowring, S.A., Grotzinger, J.P., Condon, D.J., Ramezani, J., Newall, M., and Allen, P.A. (2007) Geochronologic constraints of the chronostratigraphic framework of the Neoproterozoic Huqf Supergroup, Sultanate of Oman. American Journal of Science, 307(10), 1097-1145.

Crowley, J.L., Schoene, B., and Bowring, S.A. (2007) U-Pb dating of zircon in the Bishop Tuff at the millennial scale. Geology (Boulder), 35(12), 1123-1126.

Lissenberg, C.J., Rioux, M., Shimizu, N., Bowring, S.A., and Mevel, C. (2009) Zircon Dating of Oceanic Crustal Accretion. Science, 1167330.

Schoene, B., Wit, M.J.d., and Bowring, S.A. (2008) Mesoarchean assembly and stabilization of the eastern Kaapvaal craton: A structural-thermochronological perspective. Tectonics, 27(5), 1-27.

Ramezani, J., Bowring, S.A., Martin, M.W., Lehrmann, D.J., Montgomery, P., Enos, P., Payne, J.L., Orchard, M.J., Wang, H., and Wei, J. (2007) Timing of recovery from the end-Permian extinction; geochronologic and biostratigraphic constraints from south China: REPLY. Geology (Boulder), Online Forum(2007), e137-e138.

Ramezani, J., Schmitz, M.D., Davydov, V.I., Bowring, S.A., Snyder, W.S., and Northrup, C.J. (2007) High-precision U-Pb zircon age constraints on the Carboniferous-Permian boundary in the Southern Urals stratotype. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 256(1-2), 244-257.

Ault, A.K., Flowers, R.M., and Bowring, S.A. (in press) Phanerozoic burial and unroofing history of the western Slave craton and Wopmay orogen from apatite (U-Th)/He thermochronometry. Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

Schoene, B., and Bowring, S.A. (in press) Rates and mechanisms of Mesoarchean magmatic arc construction, eastern Kaapvaal craton, Swaziland. Geological Society of America Bulletin.