We have a diverse group of projects being pursued by an incredible group of people, both here at MIT and as widespread as Australia, China, Africa, the West Coast of the US, Germany and Harvard. On each research page, you'll find a bit about the project and who is working on it, both from our group and outside of our little Cambridge world.

We would like to thank those who have provided financial and material support as well as the groups with whom we continue to share ideas, resources and friendships.


signals of biogeochemical changes through time

Permo - Triassic Extinction

Neoproterozoic - Cambrian Boundary


molecular signatures of hydrothermal ecosystems

Microbial Ecosystems of the Lost City, Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Hydrothermal Ecosystems


early microbes and their lipids

Life in the Archaean

Lipids as Biogeochemical Proxies

Ancient Purple and Green Bacteria


petroleum systems

Petroleum Systems of Gondwanaland - Namibia and Australia

South Oman Petroleum Systems

Evolutionary Trends in Petroleum Composition